Filial Abysses

The four directions and their associated colors and creatures.

The four Filial Abysses are the four Séwir members which preside over the four cardinal directions.

Filial Abyss creation myth

From the void that was the rest of the universe, the first and only God, Elohim, created the heavens and the earth. God’s throne gave birth to four creatures, the four filial abysses, who each preside over one of the four cardinal directions. Over the West presides the White Filial Abyss, the Calf, the creature of power. Over the South presides the Blue Filial Abyss, the Man, the creature of wisdom. Over the East presides the Red Filial Abyss, the Lion, the creature of majesty. And over the North presides the Black Filial Abyss, the Eagle, also called simply the Filial Abyss, the creature of swiftness.

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