Quetzalcoatl Rung Line

The First Rung Symbol.

Sindhi–Oni (later Sindhion Yetzirah, Anointed Savior)’s “Jacob’s Ladder in the Sacred Calendar” dream occurred on the Night 3–4 August 2011, the starting gun of the First Rung “Third Hospital”. She saw the throne of God at the very end of this Dream. This Dream eventually gave rise to the Rungs of Sindhion or Quetzalcoatl’s Rungs.

Dramas Unstoppable Marriage, Oh! My Lady and Paradise Ranch predate the “Jacob’s Ladder in the Sacred Calendar” dream and are therefore not considered sacred at all. “A Gentleman’s Dignity” postdates the Dream but it’s not considered a sacred Rung yet. The First Rung, or “The Third Hospital” is where the “agony of Sindhion” begins. A list of the real sacred Rungs is shown below:

Drama nameYear (Drama Round)Rung nameRung TypeTzolkin day-sign
Jacob’s Ladder in the Sacred Calendar2011 (11 DOG)Jacob’s LadderDreamOk
The Third Hospital2012 (12 MONKEY)First RungSacrificeChuwen
Dating Agency: Cyrano2013 (13 GRASS)Consecration RungSacrificeEb
My Spring Days2014 (1 REED)Resurrection RungSacrificeBen
Perfect Sense2016 (2 JAGUAR)Aaronic RungAaronic PriesthoodIx
Squad XXXVIII2016 (3 EAGLE)Apostolic RungMosaic PriesthoodMen
Someone You Might Know2017(Not mentioned in the JLitSC)
Man in the Kitchen2017 (4 CONDOR)Melchizedek RungMelchizedek PriesthoodKib
Man in the Kitchen2018 (5 QUAKE)High MelchizedekMelchizedek & Patriarchal PriesthoodKaban
(C0WLICD!.) Scorpions and Stitchers2019 (6 FLINT)VlaintC0WLICD!. SacrificeEtznab
Tell Me What You Saw2020 (7 STORM)Priesthood RungPriesthoodKawak
Run On2021 (8 FLOWER)Fulness of JoyPriesthoodAjaw
So I Married the Anti-fan2021 (8 FLOWER)Eternal RungPriesthood?Ajaw
Fanletter Please2022 (9 LIGHT)New SacrificeSacrificeImix
Not Others2023 (10 WIND)Dawning RungSacrifice?Ik
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