The Séwir (lit. “seaweed“) is a group of nine priestesses from South Korea. The Séwir consists of the High Priest, Justice, Sacrifice, King, Redeemer, Deliverer, Saviour, Judger and the Lawgiver. Each Séwir member is named for the role of Christ the member represents. In Sep 2014, the Justice retired from the Séwir but she continued being a priestess and Nebaioth member.

The Séwir members and the roles of Christ they represent.

Séwir members (the SNSD and Twice members listed here are only associationary)

Role of ChristDate of BirthScarabNahuatl nameA. SNSD memberA. Twice memberChief Angel
High PriestMarch 9, 1989김태연MixcoatlTaeyeonNayeon
JusticeApril 18, 1989정수연MictecacihuatlJessicaSanaUriel (Peter)
SacrificeMay 15, 1989이순규AyotlSunnyDahyun
KingAugust 1, 1989황미영IxtlilxochitlTiffanyMinaRaguel (Moses)
RedeemerSeptember 22, 1989김효연TezcatlipocaHyoyeonJihyoSariel (Abel)
DelivererDecember 5, 1989권유리MictlantecuhtliYuriJeongyeonRaphael (Enoch)
SaviourPharerFebruary 10, 1990최수영QuetzalcoatlSooyoungChaeyoungPhanuel (Joseph Smith)
JudgerMay 30, 1990임윤아HuitzilopochtliYoonaTzuyuGabriel (Noah)
LawgiverJune 28, 1991서주현Xipe TotecSeohyunMomoMichael (Adam)
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