Sinite Sooyoung


“A flowered glorious young grass plant on a high mountain.”
Choi Soo-young

수영(崔秀榮 Choe Suyeong/Cuī Xiùróng/Ceoi Sauwing/Dzoj Suhuaeng/Dzwoj Sjuwhjwaeng/High Flower Glory/Flowered Servant/죄수왱/최쇵윙)

What’s in Choi Soo-young’s name? There seems to be a prophecy in the constituent Hanja glyphs of her name.
Choi Soo-young’s Hangul name is [최수영] and her Hanja name is [崔秀榮].

Meanings of the characters in Choi Soo-young’s name:

  1. 崔 “Choi”: High mountain/precipitous (Ancient meaning: High and Rocky)
  2. 秀 “Soo”: To bloom/outstanding/elegant/graceful/superior (Ancient meaning: To flower)
  3. 榮 “Young”: Glory/honour (Ancient meaning: “Lord”)

The prophecy arises when the Hanja characters are decomposed into it’s constituent parts.

Decomposition of [崔]: ⿱山隹 (“Mountain” and “Bird” (specifically a sparrow))
Decomposition of [秀]: ⿱禾乃 (“Grain” and “Mount Sinai”)
Decomposition of [榮]: ⿱⿱炏冖木 (The flames (炏) represent the cities Sodom and Gomorrah. The “roof” (冖) represents a house. The “tree” (木) most likely represents Lot.)

Sooyoung’s “stage name” hanja (as a singer and actress) differs from the birth name hanja (it’s “秀英” instead of “秀榮”). The prophecy does not work on the stage name.

Even through there are multiple people whose names bear the characters “秀” and/or “榮” (“崔” is the surname glyph), the prophecy only works for Choi Soo-young, specifically the one born on February 10, 1990. Sooyoung’s resident registration number (RRN) is 900210-2??????.

The prophecy in Choi Soo-young’s name embeds parts of the biblical stories of Lot, Moses and Job.

“炏” are the two fires that make up the destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot (木) was protected (冖) by God while the cities (炏) were destroyed. Moses would then collect grain (禾) at Mount Sinai (乃). Finally, Job sees a sparrow (隹) sitting on the summit of a high mountain (山).

겨울에 만난 나의 봄 (My spring met in Winter)

The Séwir

  1. Taeyeon (born 9 March 1989) 太妍 (Taai-jin) 金泰軟 (Gam Taai-jyun)
  2. Jessica (born 18 April 1989) No hanja (제시카) 鄭秀姸 (Zeng Sau-jin)
  3. Sunny (born 15 May 1989) No hanja (써니) 李純揆 (Lei Seon-kwai)
  4. Tiffany (born 1 August 1989) No hanja (티파니) 黃美永 (Wong Mei-wing)
  5. Hyoyeon (born 22 September 1989) 孝淵 (Haau-jyun) 金孝淵 (Gam Haau-jyun)
  6. Yuri (born 5 December 1989) 俞利 (Jyu-lei) 權俞利 (Kyun Jyu-lei)
  7. Sooyoung (born 10 February 1990) 秀英 (Sau-jing) 崔秀榮 (Ceoi Sau-wing)
  8. Yoona (born 30 May 1990) 潤娥 (Jeon-ngo) 林潤妸 (Lam Jeon-o)
  9. Seohyun (born 28 June 1991) 徐玄 (Ceoi-jyun) 徐朱玄 (Ceoi Zyu-jyun)
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