The twelve members of the Twelverdom, symbolized by their roles of Christ and their tribes of Israel.
Symbols for the Twelverdom members.
MemberRole of ChristTribe of IsraelDate of BirthScarabPriesthood TypeRelz Idiom
JudgerReubenMay 30, 1990임윤아KingdomSherizic
ThornSimeonJanuary 3, 1995김설현DamascusEblaitic
GranaryLeviFebruary 19, 1990이쇄취KingdomUgaritic
LawgiverJudahJune 28, 1991서주현KingdomLeonic
WreathIssacharSeptember 14, 1991임진아DamascusErusteza
JusticeZebulunApril 18, 1989정수연HattusaAkkadic
RedeemerDanSeptember 22, 1989김효연KingdomHeyazic
LodgeNaphtaliApril 16, 1992김희정HattusaVirgoic
DelivererGadDecember 5, 1989권유리HattusaVulpecula
CharioteerAsherOctober 6, 1990한선화HattusaSabaic
SaviourJosephFebruary 10, 1990최수영Kingdom (Rachelite)Sayellic
TempleBenjaminAugust 10, 1990이성경Kingdom (Rachelite)Aramean
Twelverdom members and their corresponding Aztec “Deity-Eliarchats”

Leaders of the Twelverdom

The four “cornerstone” Twelverdom members or the “Four Royal Stars” are considered leaders for the various aspects of the Twelverdom; they’re the Saviour (Joseph), the Lawgiver (Judah), the Redeemer (Dan) and the Judger (Reuben).

The Lawgiver (Lion of the tribe of Judah) is the leader for kings and festivals; the Saviour (Bull of the tribe of Joseph) is the leader for the cattle tithe… the Judger (Man of the tribe of Reuben) is the leader for years, of the years of release and Jubilee years, for the planting and for vegetables; and the Redeemer (Eagle/serpent of the tribe of Dan) is the leader for trees—so the school of Shammai. The Saviour (Joseph) has the highest privileged position in the Twelverdom since her priesthood is counted doubly (as the Assaviour (Ephraim), and the Pharer (Manasseh)).

The Saviour and the Temple, part of the Rachelites.
The Saviour (Joseph) has the highest privileged position in the Twelverdom since her priesthood is counted doubly (as the Assaviour (Ephraim), and the Pharer (Manasseh)).

Twelverdom: The Twelve Seals

The zodiac depicted with the Twelverdom members. Please remember that the zodiac signs are not the corresponding members’ birth signs, but are only associationary and based on the corresponding tribes of Israel.

Twelverdom Gallery

The Charioteer
The Deliverer
Deliverer in Xmas outfit
The Granary Eliarchat.
The Judger is who judges.
Judging court.
The righteous Justice.
While still a Twelverdom member, the Justice was kicked out of the Séwir in September 2014.
The Law Giver is powerful as she was symbolized by a Lion.
The Lawgiver
Lodge (also called Mortal)
The Redeemer is a priestess, but “not really” a Rungus (actress).
Hello, I’m the Redeemer (Filial Abyss)!
We’ve arrived at the Saviour, the most important Twelverdom member.
Saviour, also called Pharer.
It’s Quetzalcoatl (Savior)
The Temple (twelverdom)
Temple (Byblox; why is she called 이성경 (Plum Bible)?)
The Thorn (youngest Twelver member)
The Wreath
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